100% Delicious...

Healthy Habits products are inspired by people who want to have more done during the day and are looking for ways to enhance their well-being. These are active people who adopt better habits and care about their health and the pace of their lives.

This is why Healthy Habits creates snacks from recipes requiring natural products, ensuring an amazing taste and a balanced nutritional value thanks to the top quality, natural raw materials. The snacks are also ideal for vegans.

Healthy Habits products are tasty and balanced, as all snacks must be today and in the future. With the power of plant-based energy sources such as olive oil, legumes and sesame seeds, they urge us to make a shift to a “Better habits and a better life”!

For us here at Healthy Habits, snacks are not a mere way for you to...crunch your appetite away. We consider them small meals throughout the day, meals which energize you and give you a feeling of satiety so that you can efficiently manage the activities of the day.

Healthy Habits products come in easy-to-use packaging and a wide variety of flavors, so that they may fit in your...schedule, wherever it may take you.

Healthy Habits: With the guarantee of alfa, the food company offering taste, top quality and authentic dietary suggestions for every Greek home in the last 70 years.


100% Delicious...

Healthy Habits is the new, revolutionary suggestion that makes snacking...healthy!

Guided at every step by respect for modern eating habits and the demanding pace of everyday life, we have created various product lines which promise to change snacking as we know it.

So, thanks to their top-quality raw materials and their exquisite taste, Healthy Habits products make the difference and become tomorrow’s snack, today!

That is because they are more than a snack: a shift to a more balanced and a healthier lifestyle!

And that’s how we build better habits for a better life!