Diet for employees

A demanding work schedule may become a deterrent to the proper observance of the principles of a diet and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Lack of free time often keeps us away from homemade or cooked food and causes us to make dietary mistakes. Nonetheless, there are many alternatives for us to adapt a balanced diet with quick, nutritious snacks, to the intensity of our everyday life!

Common dietary errors in the workplace

Because of lack of time, we often skip breakfast, a meal which has proven by a plethora of scientific studies to be inextricably linked to weight control and weight loss. Apart from having breakfast, though, we need to constantly supply our body and mind with the necessary fuel! Stress and an increased work load are common reasons why we skip important meals throughout the day. This may lead us to consume bigger meals after we return home. Also, many employees prefer quick meals high in fat,

which are more difficult to digest. Those meals often cause drowsiness and make them feel tired more easily while at work.

Impact on our health and weight

Skipping breakfast results in reduced mental function, increased appetite during the day, and possible weight gain in the long run. Also, when you skip important meals (lunch, afternoon meal) and do not eat for hours, your body is not supplied with the energy it requires. As a result, the body’s metabolic parameters (blood glucose, cholesterol) are deregulated and fatigue increases, as does the possibility for reduced concentration and performance in the workplace. What is more, large meals in the evening and the consumption of snacks rich in trans and saturated fats and poor in nutrients gradually contribute to weight gain.

Simple recommendations for behavioral modification

Start your day with a good breakfast at home. If you don’t have time, take it with you to work! A complete breakfast includes foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, such as dairy, cereal or fruit. It’s also a good idea to always keep in the office non-perishable foods such as crispy filo sheets, nuts, dried fruit or whole grain cereal bars. Do not fast for several hours. Prefer a light lunch and snacks instead (e.g. crunchy filo sheets combined with delicious hummus). They will energize you immediately and supply you with the necessary vitamins and minerals, allowing you to meet your work demands. Make sure that you calm your mind before you eat. Spend 15-20 minutes on your light meal and avoid talking about work. Finally, if you have your main meal at home in the afternoon, your dinner should also be lighter or a snack.

Healthy and easy solutions

Let’s look at some easy solutions for light and super nutritious snacks for you to start your day with energy and be able to cope with any difficulty! Not all of them are morning snacks: more like snacks for any time of the day / any time during your working hours.

  • Super protein toast

Use wholemeal bread and add some egg, low-fat cheese, turkey, some tomato and hummus. Your toast will be absolutely delicious and full of protein to keep you going all day!

  • Healthy lunch box

Fill a lunch box with crispy filo sheets, some vegetable sticks (cucumbers, carrots, peppers) and some hummus dip and turn snacking in the office into a beloved habit!

  • Chicken–quinoa salad with hummus

Use quinoa or bulgur as a base, add tomato, peppers and chicken for extra protein and complete the taste with a hummus dip. And that’s how you prepare a complete and healthy meal to take to the office!

  • Tortillas with tuna and hummus

Add tuna, tomato, cucumber, olives and hummus to wholemeal pita bread, and enjoy your super tasty, almost calorie-free tortilla!

  • Fruit pizza

Add low-fat cream cheese and fruit of your choice, such as strawberries, raspberries and kiwis, to crispy dough sheets, to satisfy fully your craving for dessert at the office!