Myths and truths about Snacking

The variety of food available, the easy access to quick meals of low nutritional value, and the fact that our time is limited, cause us to consume smaller and quicker meals-snacks more often. But how does snacking affect our health and weight, and what is the best way to enjoy snacks guilt free?

What is snacking?

The term “snack” means meals (nutrition episodes) which include all the foods and beverages consumed outside the main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). However, the size, energy content and frequency of snack consumption vary depending on the time available, the personal perception and the social environment of each consumer.

Why is it a healthy habit?

Having intermediate meals helps to improve the quality of our diet by increasing the consumption of fruits, wholegrain cereals and dairy products, which are a rich source of dietary fiber, as well as micronutrients and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, folic acid and vitamin C. Intermediate meals can also help better control the glucose and insulin produced after each meal, and systematic consumption of such meals helps reduce total blood cholesterol.

How does it relate to weight management?

Although the concept of small and frequent meals does not directly contribute to weight regulation, according to research data, it has a positive effect on body weight and the prevention of obesity through four basic mechanisms! It helps to control the feeling of hunger and to regulate the size of meals, and also enhances carbohydrate against lipid intake. In addition, snacking during the day can make up for the consumption of high-calorie night meals, and it is identified with an active lifestyle and increased physical activity!

How can it turn into an enemy of our health?

There are some hidden risks in snacking, which may not be as innocent as it seems! It is recommended to follow a balanced diet with 1-3 snacks rich in nutrients and low in

calories, fat, salt and sugars. In contrast to such snacks, frequent and extensive consumption of chips, soft drinks, baked goods and sweets leads to obesity and worse clinical indicators.

Healthy recommendations

4 tasty recommendations that combine the convenience of snacks with the pleasure of crispy dough sheets and the necessary nutrients, are here for you to try! The main ingredient of these snacks are crispy filo bites baked in the oven, without preservatives and trans fats!

  • Crunchy bruschetta

Just add crushed feta or mizithra cheese, fresh tomato and olives to the crispy filo bites!

  • Avocado chips

Spread avocado on the crispy filo bites and add a little tuna or salmon for extra flavor!

  • Delicious vegetables

Spread cottage or low-fat cheese to the crispy filo bites, and add cucumber and carrot!

  • Crunchy delight

Use the crispy filo bites as a base and spread low-fat cream cheese and strawberry or cherry jam, for a party of the senses!

  •  Crunchy hummus

Spread hummus on the crispy filo bites and add carrot, cucumber and fresh pepper sticks, to enjoy your favorite movie in the best company!