Snacking is healthy!
Baked vs Fried crash test

Frying is one of the oldest and most common cooking methods and it is used widely, both for home cooking and in the food industry. However, many consumers are concerned about the quality of fried food and the amount of calories in it, and rightfully so.

Diet for employees

A demanding work schedule may become a deterrent to the proper observance of the principles of a diet and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Lack of free time often keeps us away from homemade or cooked food and causes us to make dietary mistakes. Nonetheless, there are many alternatives for us to adapt a balanced diet with quick, nutritious snacks, to the intensity of our everyday life!

Myths and truths about Snacking

The variety of food available, the easy access to quick meals of low nutritional value, and the fact that our time is limited, cause us to consume smaller and quicker meals-snacks more often. But how does snacking affect our health and weight, and what is the best way to enjoy snacks guilt free?

Vegetarianism: A modern trend

The vegetarian diet is a dietary approach that dates back to ancient Greece, when Pythagoras recommended his followers to abstain from meat both for moral reasons and to keep the 4 humors of the body in balance. A properly designed vegetarian diet improves our health and prevents certain diseases. However, the absence of some animal energy sources can sometimes cause a deficiency of essential nutrients and vitamins. So let’s look at some ways for vegetarians to eat what they want, without fear, while maintaining a balanced diet!