Sea salt & black pepper

Popped rice chips with sea salt and black pepper are both the more irresistible and the healthiest chips. Extremely crunchy, made from whole-grain, brown rice that…pops with olive oil creating their unique texture. Gluten-free, no preservatives. Also suitable for vegans. The ideal solution for a delicious snack at work.

Gluten free

No Preservatives

Suitable For Vegans
Nutritional statement Per 100g
Energy1935 kJ - 460 kcal
of which saturates
17 g
1,5 g
of which sugars
68 g
2.4 g
Protein8 g
Salt 0,99 g

Whole grain brown rice 82% (Origin: EU), olive oil 16%, black pepper 1.1%, sea salt 0.9%.