Inspiration for creation
Pitabreaks with mozzarella and fresh tomato dip

We take fingerfood to another level by creating an easy recipe to share with our friends! Crispy Pitabreaks with pizza flavor, combined with cool mozzarella dip and fragrant fresh tomato dip with thyme that will drive everyone crazy. Immerse yourself in their taste!

Tomato salad with Pitabreaks

How does a simple lunch break suddenly get interesting? With an easy, quick-to-make, super tasty tomato salad with oregano-flavored Pitabreaks! This light recipe with ingredients that you already have at home promises to delight you with its simplicity.

Mediterranean fattoush salad with Pitabreaks

A cool, fragrant fattoush salad with Pitabreaks, that balances perfectly Mediterranean and Eastern flavors. The crispy filo bites with natural seasonings match harmoniously the freshness of the vegetables and the aromas of the spices, for enjoyment and energy all day long!